Living With A Runner
Living With a Runner: The Good, the Bad & the Sweaty


As you may know, we runners are a fantastic bunch, and we love to share our passion with others when given a chance.

Unfortunately, those who live with us can't always avoid our passion. To make matters worse, we rarely understand why they don't hang on our every word about our latest run or desperately seek to be included in our next 5K or marathon. They're subject to some glorious habits and unbridled enthusiasm that comes second nature to us--and sometimes we can be admittedly a little hard to take, and sometimes a little gross. Have a look!


Let's get some shoes

Running shoes are quintessentially the only item you need to run . . . but we must have them all. Currently in my closet are three trail shoes, three road shoes and probably another three for gym workouts. And even with this admission, I'm not telling the whole truth.

Eating habits

Everyone knows to beware of the hangry runner. If there is not currently food in our mouth, it better be in our vicinity, or things are going to get ugly--fast.  Living with people who only eat a nibble a couple of times a day is impossible to fathom.

Sweat and sweat some more

With our endorphins sky high post-run, we might just want to give you a giant sweaty hug, or maybe plop down on that cushy sofa for a breather. You're welcome. <Wink>


Running magazines, training schedules, water bottles, medals hanging everywhere, race blankets... we're a tornado of paraphernalia. It's ours; we love it, don't touch.

Incessantly talking. About running

Our mouths are basically Pandora's Chatter Box. Avoid the polite ask about how our run went or be prepared for our report on the weather, our thoughts during the first mile, an outrageous hill, how our bowels were feeling and our average pace.

Gross things

Toenail clippings may appear in odd places, and we might show you our black toenails and chafing sores. Oh, and that laundry basket full of or running clothes that have accumulated during the week? It can probably run on its own by now. The smell! The smell!

Rise and run

Early morning runs are the BEST. Getting that first breath of fresh air before you tackle your day is indescribable. But, we assume you probably have many words to describe our many alarms that go off at 5 a.m., 5:10 and one more at 5:15 when you don’t have to get up until 7:00 or 8:00.


(I got excited just typing this word.) Dicks Sporting Goods is basically my idea of heaven, and I would much rather have a sleek new pair of running tights than any dress or blouse on earth. If you're anything like me, 75% of my drawers and closets are packed with layers upon layers of different clothing items for my runs. And I love each piece like it's my child. <<Hey Mom: taking care of running gear finally taught me to care about doing laundry “the right way”.>>


What can you add to the list? Living with a runner is a true blessing, so these items are only eight reasons to love us more.




Laura Scaduto: As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, an avid runner, and triathlete, Laura exudes a passion for wellness and loves sharing it with others. Originally from Hershey, PA, Laura now lives in Washington, DC and is an active force in the DMV running and fitness community. She works for Elevate Interval Fitness as a Social Media Manager and is a writer for RunWashington magazine. She’s currently training for one more triathlon and marathon this year.