Lady Jogging in the Woods
5 Ways to Workout This Summer

When the weather warms up, it’s time to get outside. Working out doesn’t have to feel like work – and the warm months are a perfect time to try something new. So throw caution to the wind; here are five ways to work out this summer.

Summer Workouts That Won’t Burn You Out

If there’s one thing we love at Spenco, it’s being outdoors. Exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread, instead, it should be something you look forward to. Here are a few ways to get outdoors this summer and break a sweat.

  1. Go for a Hike. Hiking is a great way to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. And don’t fret if you don’t live near a mountain, hiking trails can be found in almost every city. Use AllTrails to find hikes near you! Turn hikes into a family affair – you don’t have to be in marathon shape to enjoy a hike, and even the little ones love exploring through the woods. Hiking can help lower your stress levels, improve your mood, and enhance your overall mental well being.
    Family Hiking on a Trail
  2. Jump in a Pool. Swimming is the perfect cardiovascular activity—it gets your heartrate up without your body having to take on impact stress. You don’t have to be a great swimmer to get in a great workout. If you belong to gym with a pool, or live near a community pool, check out the Aqua Aerobics classes. If you’re not into group workouts, grab a kickboard to work your lower body and work your arms and core with a pull buoy. Active has swim workouts you can follow along to, no matter your level.
    Woman Swimming laps in Pool
  3. Find a Park for Speed Training. If you’re really looking to get your heartrate up, find a nearby park or open field. Empty spaces are ideal for interval training and hill workouts if you’re lucky enough to find one. Give this outdoor workout a spin (don’t forget to warm up and stretch before): Start slow. Run as fast as you can for 20 seconds, recover for 40 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat 5 times. Take a long rest, get water, stretch. And repeat. As you get better and feel strong, you can easily turn up the intensity. Run as fast as you can for 40 seconds, recover for 20 seconds to 40 seconds. And repeat. If you’re able to find a hill, try incorporating hill sprints into your interval training. Sprint up the hill as fast as you can, slowly jog back down, and repeat.
  4. Hop on a Bike. Biking is not only a great way to workout, it’s a great way to get around your city or town. Ideal for those who prefer cardiovascular activity without the impact on their body, biking can be both a leisurely and vigorous activity. Biking is an aerobic activity, meaning that your heart, blood vessels, and lungs all work together to help you perform. If you’d like to spend a weekend away from the crowds, check out bike trails near you. You can also use Google maps to find bike routes in your city!
    Women Biking on Trail
  5. Join a Club Team. Whether you’re into frisbee, volley ball, soccer, or even kickball, communities across the nation come together during the warm months to play a friendly game. Not only will you have a ball, you’ll meet people from your community and you could even make lasting friendships. Take a look at Meetup to find sports groups that interest you in your community.
    Kickball on Field

This summer, get out there and get moving! Show us how you’re working out. Share your photos with us on Instagram and tag @Spenco