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Why You Should Run with Insoles

You buy a new pair of shoes every 500 miles, you gear up with the latest lightweight jacket, and moisture resistant tops. So why wouldn’t you equip your feet with everything they need to carry you through training. There’s a long list of the benefits of insoles for runners but we’re going to focus on the most important ones.

Making Insoles Part of Your Running Gear

Whether you’re an avid runner who runs marathons, ultras, or trail races, or a beginner who’s getting into 5K’s and fun runs, making sure your feet are protecting are an important part of your progress. Insoles are an easy and affordable way to protect your feet and legs from injury.

If you’re running every day, especially on pavement, your body and feet are constantly being pounded, feeling the impact of every stride. Insoles help absorb and reduce shock and provide your feet with the cushioning and support they need to carry you from the first mile to the last. Performance insoles can provide support and cushioning without being bulky. Many runners opt for lightweight, flexible insoles that feature a minimal design. For this need, we suggest the Spenco Total Support Thin or the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer.

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer
Spenco Total Support Thin

Insoles can also help prevent blister formation by helping to reduce friction. Blisters commonly form when there is moisture around the foot, and when your foot slides around in your shoe. Wearing an insert like the Spenco Medics Sport, which features a low-friction top cloth to prevent blisters, can help keep you moving.

Insoles will also help provide you with the proper support and stability longer than your running shoes would without an insole. Though insoles may not make your running shoes last longer, they will help your feet feel comfortable longer. You can replace your insoles as many times as you need to during the life of your running shoes. Most runners find that they need to replace their insoles every 3-4 months.

Spenco carries a variety of insoles designed specifically for runners, walkers, and hikers. Browse our full product list to find the insole that’s right for your needs and lifestyle.