Spenco® 2nd Skin® Aqua Heal®

Price: $11.99
SKU: 4823500

Spenco® 2nd Skin® AquaHeal® Hydrogel Bandages are made from pure, sterile water to cool and soothe on contact. Spenco® AquaHeal® lets you watch your wound's healing progress without removing the bandage and risking exposure to bacteria. Perfect for all types of minor burns, scrapes, cuts, bites and blisters.

Includes: 6 Pads
3 Pads - 1” x 2.2”
3 Pads - 1.75” x 3”
• Transparent – allows you to see the wound’s healing progress

• Provides Instant Relief

• Promotes Natural Healing

• Soothing and Cooling

• Seals Bacteria Out

• Breathable

• Protects and Cushions

• Highly Absorbent

• Multi-Day Use