Spenco® 2nd Skin® Dressing Kit

Price: $14.99
SKU: 4726000
Helps prevent and manage blisters in larger areas with 39 square inches of 2nd Skin® Moist Pad (non-sterile) to help protect against pressure, friction and blisters. Cools and soothes on contact and won’t stick to the skin. Adhesive Knit helps prevent blisters and holds 2nd Skin® Moist Pads in place. (Latex free)
Product                                   Qty.      Size (in.)     Size (mm)           
2nd Skin® Moist Pad sheets     2         3”x 6-½”        76 x 165
Adhesive Knit Sheet                  1          3” x 5”          76 x 127       
Adhesive Knit strips                   5        3” x 1-½”        76 x 38

• Medical grade adhesive

• Flexible

• Adaptable to most wound sizes

• Soothing, cooling, and moisturizing

• Non-irritant

• Odorless

• Provides instant relief

• Protects and cushions