Team Spenco

Spenco Brand Ambassadors

Enjoy the stories of these dedicated athletes who use Spenco products to pursue their passion. Our Ambassadors use SpencoⓇ insoles in their shoes to increase performance and SpencoⓇ 2nd SkinⓇ products to prevent and treat blisters, hot spots and abrasions.  If you are interested in becoming a SpencoⓇ Brand Ambassador, please send your story to Ambassador@Spenco.com.

  • Spenco​ ​brand​ ​ambassador,​ ​Joseph​ ​Gray​ ​crossing​ ​a​ ​finish​ ​line
    Joseph gray

    What’s my motivation? I’m motivated by the idea of challenging and bettering my best.

  • Spenco​ ​brand​ ​ambassador,​ ​Lisa​ ​Buohler​ ​cycling​ ​in​ ​a​ ​race
    lisa buohler

    Being better, getting stronger, doing what you can to be physically better despite getting older and, despite adversities to stay physically young.

  • Spenco​ ​brand​ ​ambassador,​ ​Brian​ ​Boyle​ ​flexing​ ​his​ ​muscles​ ​after​ ​a​ ​race
    brian boyle

    What’s my motivation? In the summer of 2004, I was involved in a near fatal car accident, and spent 3 years in recovery before starting my athletic career in endurance sports.

  •  Spenco​ ​brand​ ​ambassador,​ ​Michael​ ​Kent​ ​running​ ​mid-race​ ​in​ ​a​ ​city
    michael "mookey" kent

    What’s my motivation? Unrealized potential...to see what more I can do, faster, stronger, longer, better...more.

  • Spenco​ ​brand​ ​ambassador,​ ​Tammy​ ​Boesch​ ​running​ ​mid-race
    tammy boesch

    What’s my motivation? My motivation is a deep inner drive to always be better than I was yesterday coupled with a desire to set a good example for my children so that they know they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. I have had a lifelong passion for fitness and have dedicated my personal and professional life to it. I believe that fitness is acquired by living each day in the best way you can and making choices that serve you well.

  • Spenco brand ambassador, Devon Ruse running mid-race on a natural trail
    deron ruse

    What’s my motivation? I run to stay active and fit. I also run for the pure joy of it. I love the adventure and overall happiness that running brings to my life. As for racing, I mostly run ultras as I enjoy pushing myself to see exactly how far I can push myself and how far I can go. I like the challenge of overcoming obstacles in long distances. Building relationships with other runners at events is also one of the top reasons I do this - the ultrarunning community tends to be quite open and supportive.

  • Spenco​ ​brand​ ​ambassador,​ ​Melissa​ ​Ruse​ ​running​ ​mid-race​ ​in​ ​a​ ​city

    What’s my motivation? To live a joyful, healthy lifestyle and to inspire others to do the same!